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That Yank and Family

That Yank's Husband

Charles, at VIP Park

Charles, lounging at the VIP pool.

Behind the houses on the street we lived on in Saudi Arabia is a private compound, owned by the Royal Commission and used to house V.I.P.s. We all called it the V.I.P. Park: it has a barbecue pit, tent with carpeted floor and seating on cushions, a "kitchen/serving" area complete with refrigerators, a pool, tennis courts, parkland and a soccer field. If we asked permission, and if no V.I.P.s were in town, we could get the use of the park for a day or evening party. This was one such party!

Charles, in his office at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 2001


Charles Alan Harper (goes by Charlie)

Born December 17, 1942 in Anderson Indiana. Three younger brothers (Dennis Earl, Thomas Lee, and Jan Robin).

B.S. Ed. in Biology (Secondary Education), Bowling Green State University, 1964; M.S. in Biology (Western Gull Ecology and Behavior), University of Southern California, 1967; Ph.D. in Zoology (Wolf Spider Ecology and Behavior), University of Florida, 1971.

After 31 years with the same company, Charles is now retiried to his "dream home" in NW Ohio.